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The First Quarter

Perspective Building Consultancy Limited has officially opened for business and nearing the end of their first Quarter! So let's get a bit of #Perspective.



Perspective is officially in its third month of trading and nearing the end of the first quarter in Business, having been established on the 1st of June 2019 by Scott Spittal, a Chartered Building Surveyor.


Who is Scott Spittal?

I am a chartered building surveyor who previously worked with a large multi-disciplinary building consultancy in Glasgow. My career in the Construction Industry started as a student surveyor, working my way up the corporate ladder to become an Associate Partner within a multi disciplinary firm. I attained my University Degree in Building Surveying at Glasgow Caledonian University in 2010. I then went on to obtain RICS chartership status and further achieve a Masters Degree in International Project Management. Over the years I have worked with many blue chip clients on prestigious projects both in the UK and Europe, most recently London and Brussels. in the last year I decided that it was time for a different perspective, a different vision and a different goal, so i took the bull by the horns and opened the doors of Perspective Building Consultancy Ltd.

Why Perspective?

I have always thought of myself as having an entrepreneurial spirit, always wanting to reach the top of every challenge, always push the boundaries and chase the next venture.

The seed was planted as a young, driven student as i always said I would one day open my own consultancy. Before going it alone, I knew that I would have to achieve in an established firm to ensure I was able to carry out all the requirements and expectations.

Having learned and developed my key professional skills, it was time to take the plunge, into the unknown world of owning a business.

The name Perspective was coined for many reasons, I felt it was catchy and modern, like; Google and Uber, etc. Having a modern name allows for a modern approach to business, it also allows you to stand out from the crowd and be different.

Perspective in Building Consultancy relates to how clients/people have different views, different requirements, different needs and different approaches to projects, uses of buildings, styles, management, design... the list goes on. All clients have their own unique perspective of how they want something to look and the approach used. We make sure their vision is delivered.


Just like the current era of transformation and disruption that we find ourselves in, the way the property market operates is shifting from a 'product' to a 'service' driven industry. As Perspective is a modern Building Consultancy, we are at the forefront of adapting for the coming change. We bring a fresh approach to the transitional market as we look to become the key service provider to our clients. We strive to change the perspective of how our clients see their properties; from what a property is, to what a property provides and can be.

We believe that we are uniquely placed to help clients form a different perspective in their current and future property matters and projects. By working closely as partners, and bringing together perspectives, goals and requirement to create the final vision.

What Does Perspective Offer?

Perspective Building Consultancy Limited offers a range of services including; Building Surveying, Project Management, Contract Administration, Cost Management and Principal Designer duties.


All the support so far has been greatly appreciated and I will be keeping you up to date through the blog posts as Perspective continues to grow, so please like and subscribe

If you have any questions, queries or want to find out more about Perspective’s services please give me a call or visit the About or Services page on the website or give me a call. Always happy to help.

Until next time...........



"Perspective is the way we see things when we look at them from a certain distance and it allows us to appreciate their value" - Rafael E. Pino.


Thanks for taking the time to read the blog post, I will be looking to post as many blogs as i can covering various topic areas; Glossary, Projects, Defect, News, General etc. if you have any ideas or would like to hear about anything specific please feel free to get in contact and I will endeavour to help as best as I can

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