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Perspective brings a modern approach to how we operate as a Building Consultancy, striving to simplify our client's projects and property matters.


We are keen to be the client's surveyor from the initial survey, to implementing and initiating their projects and bringing them to successful completion. Utilising all the key skills and experiences, combined with proven processes along with our agile and technology-driven approach, to ensure the projects are handed over on budget and on time.

We believe that we are uniquely placed to help clients see a different Perspective, in their future projects.

Our Principles

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Perspective Ring.png
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From property as an asset to property as a tool.


From new technologies to sustainable construction


From lifecycle to user experience.


The world is changing; economically, culturally, politically, technologically and environmentally.

Has your perspective of how you use your property changed? Have you considered the effect that this current global climate and era for change, transformation and disruption is having on your property? How technological advances, cultural and environmental changes are affecting how your property is used?

Perspective, on how we use our properties, how we operate our properties, and how we look after our properties is required. We can empower our clients to create new or redevelop existing spaces into modern, productive and healthy spaces for their workforce.


Let's take a different Perspective on your property and see how we can change it for the future!


"Perspective's approach to our property related matters along with their knowledge and experience gives 91bc great confidence when providing the required information to our client's or recommending them to oversee our projects.  We couldn't recommend Perspective more."

91BC / Doug / Director

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