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Building Surveying

Whether you are acquiring, disposing, leasing, developing, building, refurbishing or funding a single property/asset or a property portfolio as a Chartered Building Surveyor we can assist you with your property matters no matter your sector; residential, commercial, industrial, hotel, retail, leisure, healthcare and agricultural and no matter the size. 

By employing Perspective, we can provide you with a commercial advantage, save you money and mitigate your risks. 

Commercial Building Survey

If you are considering the purchase of a commercial property or are wanting to know the current condition of your commercial property, at any point throughout the building's life cycle. We can undertake a comprehensive inspection of the property to ascertain the current condition of the property and provide advice on planned and reactive repairs and liabilities. 

Residential Building Survey

When you are considering the purchase of a residential property, regardless of age, size, construction. We will prepare a comprehensive report providing a detailed review of the condition of the property along with providing details of the remedies required and the potential costs associated with such repairs. This will allow the client to mitigate potential risks and the associated costs when purchasing a new property.

Feasibility Study

Have the idea for a new Project but not sure if it is feasible . We can provide option appraisals which will highlight any constraints and associated costs for preparing a budget cost. A feasibility study will let you know if a project is feasible.


Cost Assessments

If you own or manage properties, you will need to know the reinstatement cost for insurance purposes. We can undertake an RCA and prepare a report detailing the cost to rebuild the specific property in the event of a total loss. RCA's should be updated regularly. 

Schedule of Condition

Have a property that you have just leased or are in the process of leasing. We can prepare a Schedule of Condition (SoC) which will highlight the condition of the property at the time of the inspection. This can be appended to your lease to mitigate and limit the repairing liability at the end of your lease.

Schedule of Dilapidations

A SoD highlights the wants of repair of the property based on the leasing obligations. Acting on behalf of a Landlord we can server either an interim (during the lease) or terminal (at or near the end of the lease) Dilapidations.

Acting for the Tenant who has recently been served a SoD, we can act on your behalf to mitigate and minimise your obligations, by carrying out works and or negotiating a financial settlement.

Assessment of Dilapidations Liability

As a tenant who is nearing the end of a lease, break option, or looking to renegotiate we can prepare an assessment of potential dilapidations liability to let you know what you may be facing or the works required to mitigate the losses and wants of repair.

Preparation of Specifications  & Contract Administration

We can prepare a Specification and Description of Works for any size of project, including; preparing the contract, writing the specification, Issuing the tender, preparing a tender analysis and providing recommendations. 

Further to the above we can act as Contract Administrators throughout the project, until completion.

Other Services

We can offer various other services; Technical Due Diligence, Defect Analysis, Snagging Inspections, etc. Please feel free to contact us and discuss any potential need and if we don't offer the service we can point you in the right direction.

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